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Coinrule: Your One-Stop Solution in the Ever-Changing Crypto Landscape

Coinrule is a platform that automates your favourite trading platform using AI It is an entire stock and cryptocurrency control center. The Market Scanner scans more than 10,000 crypto currencies, and 1,000+ NASDAQ-listed stocks simultaneously to find the most lucrative investment opportunities.

Utilize their AI-Based Trading Bot Marketplace for proven strategies that you can deploy in a matter of minutes. No matter if you’re a novice or a pro their user-friendly interface and over 250 preset trading templates ensure seamless and lucrative trading.

Want to test a strategy? You can use their demo wallet for free. Participate in leveraged trading and use their platform at any time via Android, iOS, and the web.

Additionally, you can enhance your crypto-knowledge by using their numerous educational resources.


Coinrule is among the fastest-growing trading bot providers with a simple interface. Coinrule is supported by the top investors such as Y Combinator, Urban Innovation Fund and Angel Investors such as Twitch founders, Kayak, Fitbit, and Eight Sleep. It has helped over 250,000 traders automate more than $3 billion of investment in the most renowned cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance Coinbase KuCoin and others.


Coinrule is a collection of unique attributes:

Crypto and Stock Strategy: Coinrule’s core characteristic is the capability to set up trading rules that are automatically set. These rules can either be simple or intricate dependent on the user’s preferences. They can be also based on various elements, like price, technical indicator, and various other aspects.

Coinrule provides a variety of pre-made templates that traders can choose from. These templates are based off well-known trading strategies and could be a good starting point for beginner and intermediate traders. Users can design their own trading rules and then test their concepts or theories.

Coinrule’s Demo Trading enables traders to test their trading strategies without taking risks. It offers the ease of trading with paper and the thrill of trading on a volatile market. This is a fantastic feature for new traders to gain experience, as well as advanced traders who want to replicate patterns and exchange in real money prior to moving into live mode.

Market Scanner. Coinrule’s “any coin” scanner is able to monitor price trends for more than 10,000 different cryptocurrency. This scanner is useful for identifying coins that meet certain requirements for entry. Its primary goal is to aid you in pinpointing the most lucrative markets thereby ensuring you never overlook an investment opportunity that is worth your time.

Leverage Trading: Coinrule also supports leverage trading on multiple exchanges. Among the standout features is the Coinrule’s “Any Contract” scanner. Mirroring the efficiency of the “Any Coin” market scanner previously mentioned, it diligently scans the market to identify leverage pairings that match specific pre-defined entry conditions.

Educational Resources: To help users better understand the platform and the wider world of crypto trading, Coinrule provides a variety of educational tools, such as guides, tutorials and live webinars, a vibrant Discord community, and premium customer support

TradingView Integration Make your game one step further by integrating TradingView, which is home to the world’s most extensive assortment of technical indicators. With TradingView offers access to a myriad of custom-designed trading settings that allow you to tweak strategies to meet your specific requirements. This integration seamlessly connects to your favorite cryptocurrency exchange via Coinrule


Coinrule is a user-friendly application, making it easy to use, even for novices.

The platform is flexible: It permits for a variety of trading strategies ranging from basic to advanced. Users can choose from pre-set templates or create their own rules.

Leverage: Coinrule allows leverage trading on multiple platforms.

Educational Resources: Coinrule provides guides, tutorials, and dedicated customer support to help users to understand the platform and crypto trading.

Demo Mode: Test your trading strategies before you change to live mode.

Support for multiple exchanges: Users are able to control and automate their transactions on a variety of platforms for trading stocks and cryptocurrency.

App: Coinrule, unlike many of its competitors, has an application for mobile phones on Android. An iOS version will be available soon.

Unique Features 

Any Coin/Market Scanning- Coinrule provides a unique function with its “Any Coin/Contract Scanners”, a feature which is not available from any of its competitors. The innovative tool, as mentioned previously it can track the prices of more than two thousand different digital currencies and aid in identifying the ones that meet your entry criteria. It’s designed to help you identify the most profitable markets to ensure that you don’t miss an opportunity that is worth it.

Simple UI and Logic – Coinrule’s logic “If This Then That (IFTTT)” is a powerful feature which allows users to make automatic trading strategies based on specific triggers. It’s a way to create automated strategies without having to know how to code.

If This is used in the context of Coinrule it could refer to any one of many circumstances or trends. You could use this to find out if an example is that an individual cryptocurrency increases or falls in value by a specific percentage, when the price reaches a set level, or if certain requirements of a technical indicator are met.

The “Then That” refers to an action that the system will take automatically once the requirements of the “If This clause” are met. For example, it can automatically buy or sell a specific amount of coins.

Coinrule’s rule page is powerful because of its customization and flexibility. You can personalize your trading experience by setting conditions and actions dependent on your investment strategy employ and your risk tolerance.

Trading Bot Marketplace Coinrule launched a trading bot marketplace that lets traders discover hand-picked strategies with high profits. These strategies have been retested using previous data, and traders can use them in under a minute.

Coinrule lets you automate trading strategies that work across cryptocurrency and stocks. Trade your favorite tech stocks like Apple, Tesla or Meta directly using automated trading strategies developed to outperform buy-and-hold strategies.

1-1 Coaching Sessions- Coinrule offers 1 to 1 coaching sessions for users to discover how to make the most of Coinrule.

CommunityThe Community Coinrule is not just a provider of tools, but also facilitates an active community. This is apparent in their distinctive Discord channel, where traders of all backgrounds can come together to help one another. It’s more than just an online platform, it’s a collaborative environment where people share their insights as they discuss strategies, share their insights and encourage one another. This pool of expertise is invaluable, particularly for people who are just beginning to get used to trading or for seasoned traders seeking a fresh perspective. The Coinrule community ensures that you are never trading alone.


Coinrule offers four different plans:

Starter Plan (Free)includes 2 rules for demon and live trading, 7 templates, one exchange connected, and up to 3K in daily live trading volume.

Hobbyist Plan for the Hobbyist (29.99/mo.) Access to 7 live and demon rules, 40 template strategy, 3 connected exchanges as well as up to 300K in monthly live traded volume.

Trader Plan ($59.99/mo. ) Unlimited templates and live rules five exchanges linked to 1-to-1 coaching sessions integration with TradingView, and more than $3M per month in live trade volumes.

Pro Plan (449.99/mo. ) Includes access to 50 live trading rules as well as 50 demos, unlimited templates strategies and exchanges, an unlimited monthly volume of trading 1-to-1 coaching sessions, Integration with TradingView, a dedicated server and ultrafast execution.


Coinrule’s mobile applications, for Android and IOS as well as a webapp are available.


Coinrule currently supports Binance, Binance.US and Coinbase Advanced Trade. KuCoin, Bitget ByBit Kraken Bitpanda OKX and Kraken are as well supported. Coinrule is also able to provide Market Notification on rules build on the DEFI exchange Uniswap.

Leverage is now available on Binance Futures. KuCoin Futures and Bitget Futures.

In the last few months, Coinrule also started offering its powerful automations on top platform for trading stocks, Alpaca, Robinhood, Interactive Brokers. Coinrule Automations are available for both Crypto and Stocks.

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